November 28th, 2016

Location. There are many resources available to help locate a qualified process server. Some reliable websites are and Also searching Google for ‘Process Server’ and adding your city will also provide a list of companies.

Verify. You will want to verify that the person or company you found is legitimate. You can do this by checking out their website, verifying they are members in local or national process server associations, asking if they are licensed (not all states require process servers to be licensed), if they are bonded, and insured. Call the company and speak to them about their experience and how long they have been in business. Lastly don’t be afraid to ask for and check with references!

Fees. The national average for service is between $55 – $75 for a standard, non-rush service. The pricing can increase based on the area, number of people being served and amount of time allotted to perform the service. Clarify fees with the process serving company before hiring them.

Method of Communication. Knowing how a process server is going to relay relevant information to you is highly important. Will they be emailing you? Will they call to advise of issues or completed service? How quickly will the server contact you if there is a problem with service? Establishing a clear method of communication is essential to ensuring that your service is handled efficiently.

Make it Simple. Always make it as easy as possible for the process server to get your papers served. Give them as much information as possible so that they can get the person served in a timely manner. The more information the process server has, the better the outcome. Some information could include; last known address, phone number, description of the subject’s vehicle, physical description, a photograph, if available, and the best time of day to serve them at the given address.